All 6 partners construct a fully diverse and geographically dispersed team, combining complimentary expertise and experience.


The IARS International Institute has a charitable mission to give everyone a chance to forge a safer, fairer and more inclusive society. We achieve our charitable aims by producing evidence-based solutions to current social problems, sharing best practice and by supporting young people and the community to shape decision making. We aspire to be a leader in creating new knowledge and forming public and expert opinion internationally. Over 85% of the Institute’s work takes the form of world class academic inputs (e.g. peer reviewed articles, ebooks, reports, consultation responses, policy papers, conference presentations, conference papers). We deliver our charitable mission: 

  • By empowering marginalised individuals of our society through accredited training, educational programmes, mentoring and one-to-one support;
  • By acting as an international network of NGOS bringing together people and ideas to share best practice and engage in debates on current social problems
  • By carrying out action research and evaluation that is independent, credible,  peer-reviewed, user-led, focused and current
  • By supporting individuals and grass roots organisations to carry out their own initiatives to shape decision-making and society, and by helping them to maximise their social impact
  • By being an authoritative, independent and evidence-based voice on current social policy matters.


Symplexis is a Greek non-for-profit organization that strives to ensure equal opportunities for all through actions and measures that build skills, empower and promote active engagement and participation focusing on the most vulnerable categories of the population and particularly those with fewer opportunities. Symplexis’ mission is to elevate social cohesion through integrated actions and project-based activities that aim at promoting the inclusion of disadvantaged groups at risk of marginalization and exclusion, while promoting and protecting the rights of various types of population groups that face discrimination focusing on the empowerment and support of victims, awareness raising and information sharing at all level. 

Asociación Caminos – Asociación para el intercambio educación y desarrollo social (Spain)

Asociación Caminos: The activities of the non-profit association “Caminos” founded in 2014 are dedicated to the field of education and social work. Our main objectives include fostering the exchange and communication, improving individual opportunities of development, supporting the social inclusion of disadvantaged people and developing innovative methodologies in the field of training, education and social development through national and international cooperation.

Aintek Symvouloi Epicheiriseon Efarmoges Ypsilis Technologias Ekpaidefsi Anonymi Etaireia

IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector. IDEC has been active the last 25 years in the field of EU projects. It has long experience in European policies regarding lifelong learning and in particular EQF, ECVET, Europass, EQAVET, validation of non-formal and informal learning and in national reforms of education and training systems.


Novel group Sarl is a Consulting Company as well as a Vocational Training Center based in Gasperich, the new business center of Luxembourg. 

Novel group provides an integrated package of vocational training services, promotion to the employment and development of entrepreneurship to European, National and local bodies, as well as to private enterprises and organizations. Indicative sectors are: Finance and Management, Informatics, Tourism, Creative Economy and Agricultural professions. The IT consulting services of Novel group provided in strategy issues support business and enterprise strategy, business reformation and company improvement, organizational design and activity internationalization. 


Subversive Front
(North Macedonia)

Subversive Front is a community-engaged organization that aims to promote justice, freedom and equality for the members of the sexual and gender minorities in North Macedonia through the principles of accountability, solidarity and inclusivity. Subversive Front aims to:

Establish research programmes at local, national and regional level on generating data and evidence on the needs and the issues of the community of sexual and gender minorities
Support individual and collective building of community of sexual and gender minorities with its members at the forefront of all our activities, and
Advocate for politics and laws that address the self-identified needs of the community of sexual and gender minorities and ensure the protection of their human rights.
Build cooperation, partnerships and alliances with civil society organizations, ministries, local self-government units, state agencies, bureaus and administrations, trade unions, health-care institutions, educational institutions, social work centers, youth organizations, youth workers, media, family members, supporters and allies, researchers and research institutes and agencies, international organizations and institutions, and other stakeholders in order to advance the status and the human rights of sexual and gender minorities in the country and beyond.